Why choose Cape Fear LTC?

As an independently owned and operated Long Term Care Pharmacy we truly pride ourselves in the dedication, accessibility, and kindness of our staff. Our pharmacy services are second to none. The experienced team at Cape Fear Long Term Care strives to provide the highest quality care for you and your family member.

Cape Fear Long Term Care provides a comprehensive service that only a Long Term Care Pharmacy can accommodate. Outlined below are important services that in most cases are not provided by Mail Order or Retail.

 RetailMail Order
Pharmacy services focused on Assisted Living Facilities rules and regulationsYESXX
Pharmacists that specialize in geriatric careYESXX
Pharmacist visits facility for a comprehensive review of residents chart; evaluation for safety, accuracy, and appropriateness of therapyYESXX
Licensed Health Professional Services – Registered Nurse visits facility for physical assessments for residents and skill validation and training for staffYESXX
Providing training for facility staff to ensure proper medication administration to residentsYESXX
Medication packaging that promotes safety and prevents administration errorsYESXX
Same day personal delivery by bedtimeYESNot typicallyX
Pharmacist available for emergencies 24 hours a dayYESNot typicallyX
Bar coding system for medication administration accuracyYESXX
Comprehensive refill managementYESNot typicallyX
Over The Counter Program – 25 of the most common OTC’s are 95¢ for 30 dosesYESNot typicallyX
On Site Flu shots and other vaccinesYESNot typicallyX

Insurance and Billing Services

We bill Medicare Part D and other insurance plans directly, and consult with providers in advance to ensure medications are covered, obtain prior authorization, initiate refills and more. In some cases, insurance will not always cover costs or perhaps only a portion. When this occurs, we will contact a family member and facility staff for approval.

If you have questions regarding your bill or how to pay your bill please call 910-893-2986 or email us at maria@capefearltc.com.

How We Practice

Other Services

We can also provide convenience products delivered directly to your room if requested.

  1. Wound Care Products
  2. Nutritional Supplements (Ensure, Glucerna)
  3. Incontinence Supplies (Pullups, Adult diapers)
  4. Many other items in our catalog

185 Pine State Street, Lillington, NC 27546

185 Pine State Street
Lillington, NC 27546

Phone 910.893.2986
Fax 1.866.375.9070

Pharmacy Hours:
Mon - Fri 9 am - 6 pm

On Call 24 Hours