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The Cape Fear LTC Pharmacy team works closely with your facility staff bringing knowledge and experience to maintain regulatory compliance and functioning as a healthcare partner. The products and services we offer will assist your community in improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, and preventing errors.

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  • We have a simple to use packaging system
  • Your pharmacist will be available to discuss your medication 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Medication is expensive and our pharmacy staff will work with your doctor to provide, if available, a less expensive generic medication
  • Pharmacy staff will work on your behalf to request refills automatically
  • We accept all major insurances, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, and Tricare
  • You may also establish an account with the pharmacy for convenient and easy to pay monthly statements
  • We will review your medications and communicate any necessary changes to your doctor or family member

Contact your Pharmacist Maria Jeffries on how to get started

  • Compliance training for regulatory issues
  • Online courses available for facility staff
  • Live training from staff nurse or pharmacist
  • CPR & State Infection Control Training
  • PCA 80 Hour Course
  • Med Aide 10/15 Hour Training
  • Dementia Training
  • Controled Substance management service
  • Emergency Preparedness Policy
  • Bar Code Scanning to reduce Med Errors
  • Controlled Substance Oversight
    • Inventory tracking
  • Cart & Med Audits Room Quarterly
  • Daily delivery by bedtime med pass
  • Tracking controlled Substances (refills & returns)
  • Lab Tracking
  • Medication Policy & Procedure Manual
  • Hospital Discharge and Med Reconciliation
  • Backup Facility Documents
    • Chart Orders
    • Med Tech/ PCA check off
    • LHPS
  • Member of Long Term Care Associations
  • We have developed all forms necessary to remain in compliance with state & county regulations
  • Med Error Reports, Omission Reports, Medication Clarification Report and others
  • Vaccination Program
  • Falls Prevention Program
  • Medication Usage Reports
    • Antibiotics
    • Antipsychotics
    • Anxiolytics
  • PointClickCare
  • AccuFlo
  • QuickMar
  • OPUS
  • Single dose bubble packs
  • Multi-dose bubble packs

  • OTC program >25 OTC medications are 95 cents
  • Improved accuracy & safety
  • Ability to handle growing facilities
  • Better focus on serving our clients
  • Pharmacist will travel to your facility
  • Annual influenza
  • Shingles
  • Pneumonia and Hepatitis B
  • We also vaccinate employees

  • Incontinence Supplies, Compression hose, DME
  • Med Room Resource Packet
  • VA Med repackaging

Training Information

Online Training Classes

Current Med Techs
Current Med Techs must complete the following steps annually:

  1. Employee must annually complete 6 hours of training specific to medication administration. This training is based on the employee’s hire date, NOT the calendar year. (Example: A current Med Tech is hired October 15th the employee must complete the 6 hours annually by the October 15th hire date)
  2. We offer Relias online training to accomplish the annual training.
  3. The training from Relias includes the ability to print certificates and transcripts of completion.
Online Class SignUp Form
             Instructions: Print form, fill out and fax completed form to our Pharmacy.

Courses Available for Online Training
             Complete course catalog of online classes available.
The current training schedule for 2020 is as follows:

January 21July 21
February 18August 18
March 17September 15
April 21October 20
May 19November 17
June 16December 15

On-site CE classes (at facility)

Classes are on your schedule and are coordinated with our training pharmacist. Below are some examples of classes you may want to offer.

  • Insulin Pen Training
  • Fall Prevention
  • Anti Coagulation
  • Documentation
  • Provider Notification Process
  • Diabetes
  • Psychotropic Meds
  • Controlled Substance Procedures

To Setup an On Site training class, please call Cape Fear LTC Pharmacy at 910-893-2986 or email Lara Liles at lara@capefearltc.com

Seminars Offered

New Med Techs
All classes will begin promptly at 10am at our facility. All new med techs requiring the 15 hour State Approved Training must attend one of these trainings. In addition, online training will also be required for all new med techs. Staff must take and pass the State test PRIOR to attending training class.

Class size is limited to 12 people.  The class will last all day.  All attendees must register before attending.

** Staff must provide proof of passing grade on State test PRIOR to attending 15 hour training class **

These are popular websites that may be helpful to you and your staff.
Medication Study Guide and Tips, Clinical skills checklist and guidelines, Biohazard/Infection Control course.

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